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Thread: Landscape architecture - environmental planning

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    May 2006
    Los Angeles

    Landscape architecture - environmental planning


    I am considering a career change and going to school for an MLA. I have a BS in Environmental Management, but I have only worked in office jobs totally unrelated to my major.

    Anyway, I am trying to figure out how L. Arch and Planning go together and in particular how L. Arch and "Environmental" Planning go together. How much are Landscape Architects involved in the Environmental Planning process? Are these two distinct professions done by separate individuals working on the same team? Might one professional be versed in both areas and would this be advantageous? I am guess I am trying to understand where Landscape Architecture ends and Planning begins, or is there no real discernible boundary?

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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    Mar 2006
    athens, ga
    It's a pretty fuzzy line where landscape architecture ends and planning begins. IMHO, there's a lot of overlap. Of course, I've also spent most of my career within that area of overlap, and I consider myself a landscape architect / planner - I've even had that on a business card.

    Lots of landscape architects do environmental planning, including NEPA work. I've done it, especially where it relates to aesthetic impacts. Lots of the folks doing 'planning' at the big LA firms (EDAW, Design Workshop, etc.) are landscape architects by training.

    There are alos lots of LA's doing environmental restoration work, but I've got less experience in that area.

    With your background, I'd think you were a natural.

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