Hi Cub fans across the nation and beyond.
A few years ago, I noted the almost 100-year-curse on the Chicago Cubbies
ever winning another World Series again (their last such win was in 1908)

As a dedicated planner, I said the curse would be broken soon and the Cubs would re-establish themselves as champions. And I'd travel thousands of miles from Barrow, Alaska to Wrigleyville in Chicago to participate and celebrate.

Well this year, another year with high expectations, the Cubs have hit their mid-summer swoon early. As I write this, they have lost 14 of the last 16 games and their record stands at 15-22.

Could it be that planners have a special place in their hearts for the Cubs?
Planners like difficult assignments, and are used to fighting for their plans year after year, often with few victories.

And Wrigley Field is a real urbanists ball field---in an old neighborhood, part of the community, one of the oldest ballparks, lots of history and tradition.....and beauty with the green ivy on the outfield fences. But it is also a center of errors, whifs, poor throws, even poorer pitchers --except for 40-yr-old Greg Maddux.

Whatever it is, I just wanted to share the sorrow and pain of being a long, long-time Cub fan. Wish Harry Caray was still with us. Hey Hey!