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Thread: Best practices in the DC Area

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    Mar 2002
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    Best practices in the DC Area

    I'm looking for examples of planning "Best Practices" in the Washington, DC area. Where is good planning making a difference? What does anyone think of Kentlands? The new Columbia Pike redevelopment in Arlington, VA? Anything in the District? Other thoughts?

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    My coworker lives in Lakelands, which is adjacent to Kentlands and is actually closer to the retail and really likes it. It has the live/work units along with one story retail in a "main street" environment. On the outside of the main street are the big box retailers with parking that is used not only for the big boxes, but for the main street and live/work units.

    In Rockville we have King Farm, which is another similar development and Falls Grove, which is a little more suburban type development with a mix of housing types and a retail center. The King farm retail is on the inside of the development and is more neighborhood (smaller stores) and Fallsgrove retail is larger and meant more for destination retail but not as large as Kentlands, which actually has Kmart, two grocery stores, petsmart etc.

    All four (including lakelands) of theses places have websites. The city of Rockville and City of Gaithersburg give tours.

    As far as the Columbia pike goes we are going to take a tour of that project in June and can give more information after June 2nd. I like Arlington, because they have a very good planning department. I donít think Kentlands is that special now, but at the time it a very new idea. I prefer Stapleton in Denver. Checkout this Blog that highlights things going on in the area and BeyondDC is also a good site.
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    Well APA loves Clarendon but I hate the Cheesecake Factory that blew it I think. There is a ton of info in old APA mags and on the Arlington County website


    Arlington is very much into the urban village plan model give them a looksee
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    If you are at Kentlands/King Farm, also check out historic downtown Gathersburg (intersection of Summit and Diamond Ave's) as an example of a community that has maintained and continually enhanced its small-town-downtown. They have had a concerted historic preservation/facade enhancement/Main Street development program since the early 1980's that has kept the character of the late 19th/early 20'th century commercial core. Some of its vitality comes from recent growth in the local Hispanic community and their need for specialty stores. In just the past few years there has been multi-story, 0'-setback office & apartment & parking garage infill adjacent to downtown and its commuter rail station.

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    One would be remiss not to look at Montgomery County's greenbelt and TOD planning and zoning.

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