Despite what 8===D/Serious Planner, AICP may think, we're actually a pretty mature bunch of individuals around here.

Since the Forums moved to vBulletin, a profanity filter was always in place. In its early days, George Carlin's seven dirty words were in there, along with some racial slurs and other profanities. Over the years, words have been removed from the filter, and the amount of swearing here hasn't increased much, except for the occasional "shit". The professional demeanor of the Planning and the Built Environment forums hasn't deteriorated since words were removed from the filter.

Today, as an experiment, I'm deleting the last two words from the filter; the c-word and f-word. This isn't because those words are now acceptable for day-to-day use, but because I think that as adults, we're all mature enough to watch our language. The number of times the filter has substituted **** for the f-word has been almost nonexistent these past few years, so I don't expect the Forums to read like Maledicta anytime soon.

EDIT: FWIW, here's the last entry in the censored words field.

{cunt} {cunts} fuck