A series of emails were passing between our county land use attorney (LUA) and the county attorney (CA) this morning regarding our first TDR request. They were discussing the recordation of the deeds before I finally piped in:

RJ: Not so fast there. Donít you think planning should make some findings of fact to bridge the gap between the application and the approval and the required recordation of deeds? Arms length from me in this review, gentlemen.

Da Man: I agree with RJ. We need to get something in the administrative record to support the decision.

LUA: Donít mean to step into your area of authority, RJ.

CA: LUA is right, RJ, you arrive at your conclusions and make a decision based on your analysis and findings of fact. (Of course, I'm right! Sheesh.)

RJ: And the appeal process? You guys take that into consideration in your timetable with the developer to record the deeds of transfer?

RJ is always right in these things because he always reads the ordinance first. BTW, this is our first TDR since the ordinance was passed.

What are your experiences with your first TDR?