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Thread: NIMS training ?

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    Cyburbian Plus JNA's avatar
    Jun 2003
    De Noc

    NIMS training ?

    Who has done FEMA IS-100 & IS-700 training either in 1/2 class or on-line ?
    and has anybody gone beyond this minimum ?
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    Oct 2005
    The Gig City
    I have done IMS 100 & 200 and NIMS 700. I did 100 in Fire I class and then IMS 200 in town training a year later. I did the NIMS online after a 2 hour town training session. In New Jersey all firefighters and EMS must have NIMS 700 by the end of 2006 I believe. They are also pressing it on DPW and town managers.

    Personally I think it was a waste of my time considering IMS 100 & 200 is just about the same thing NIMS 700 is. It's just a managment scheme, though I agree it is a good one, but noone really knows how to use it most effectively. And honestly when you're on a small or medium scale scene you don't even use NIMS it's really there for when you have to interact with State or Federal level OEM officials.

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    Sep 1999
    400 miles from Orlando
    Earlier this year, every single County employee (1400+) at my jurisdiction had to take 100 and 700. Some went to classes, but most of us took them online.

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    Aug 2005
    in a meeting
    thanks for the reminder - I'm supposed to go online and go up to 700 before September, I think?

    How many planners are their City/Town's Public Information Officers?


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    Feb 2000
    Sans Souci
    LAW-Ree has been through the training and she brags about it to me all the time.
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