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Thread: Voting for your friends and coworkers

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    Jul 2003
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    Voting for your friends and coworkers

    I voted in the primary election yesterday and it occurred to me how many people on the ballot were people I see five days a week, or sometimes have work-related interactions and some who are even my friends. Seems both weird to vote for people you know well, but also good that you can help them. Of course there were at least two who I wouldn't vote for, but they were running unopposed. And of course there was one or two candidates who I don't know personally, but through my job and talking to people in the building I know about and have heard stories.

    Anyone else have thoughts about this unique aspect of working for local government?
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    Only one. I once worked with a cretin in the building dept who decided to run for county commissioner. On county time, he was making the rounds, trying to get some of us to change our party affiliations so we could vote for him. Fat chance. I told my boss, the planning director, and so did a lot of other employees. He was fired for campaigning on county time.

    I haven't had any outside friends or other co-workers running for office.

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    Apr 2005
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    I've said this before, speaking from the candidate side, smaller local elections (especially where you only have +/-25% voter turnout) are all about getting your friends and co-workers to vote for you. How many people you know that you can convince to go to the polls that day. At least that was the case here.

    I have voted for friends and I have also voted against them (though I never told them) Since I knew them pretty well, I knew they were not the person for the job.

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    A friend and former co-worker ran for city council from my district in the last election cycle. I've always made a policy of not putting yard signs on my property, but I let my wife make the decision. Viola! A yard sign in my yard...

    He finished a distant third and is now serving his penance as a member of the BZA.

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    just be grateful for the secret ballot...

    in new england, of course, many things are voted on at an open town meeting but gratefully, candidacies for postions are done by ballot

    it's been a big change for me to live in the town i serve, in part, because of voting for people that i have to serve, voting on zoning i wrote - odd but it's okay
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