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Thread: Rate this waterfront development

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    Mar 2005

    Rate this waterfront development

    This is Cobourg, Ontario, pop about 20,000. There has been significant redevlopment of former brownfield lands near the towns core and waterfront. It has been built in a number of phases and is still on going. Im not 100% sure but I believe the 1st was built about 10 years ago. Anyway here are some pictures.

    Built as part of 1st or 2nd phase.

    Although not really shown here, resident parking is provided either underground or in laneway garages.

    These specific condos have a direct lake view.

    Interior courtyard. Cream coloured building just recently constructed.

    Town Hall looming

    Just steps from the marina

    Another phase under construction, seperate development though.

    There was no retail built in any of the developments, however they all close to the downtown strip. One of the goals of the developments is to keep the downtown going strong.

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    Cyburbian Wannaplan?'s avatar
    Aug 2001
    Rustbelt Incognito
    On the Kunstleresque Scale of Klusterf***ing Design, I give it and a half out of .

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    Well it's hard to really judge without a general idea of the area. I'll nitpick at something's I do and don't like.

    Pics 1& 2 look really nice I like the layout of the building & street.

    Pic 3 -I'm bored, I want retail

    Pic 4 -I'm still bored.

    Pic 5 I like it, are there benches? I could drink a cup of coffee there every morning. Now if only I could walk to the coffee shop, can I?

    Pic 6 I feel like I might be in Seaside, Fl. The church in the background look's nice.

    Pic 7 I like that new building. I don't like the old apartment buiding with the balconies and the setback's for the street is blah.

    Pic 8 I like

    Pic 9&10 I'm indifferent

    Pic 11 That's what I'm talking about!

    I think I'm showing my bias. Look's like a upscale sleepy little town. Is it a seasonal type town?

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    Dec 2001
    West Valley, AZ
    Truely dazzle me and tell me these are not high(er)-end units.

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    Oct 2001
    Solano County, California
    I would agree with some of Irish One's points.

    Overall, though, a pleasant, livable moderate density townscape that I could certainly live in. I prefer the brick buildings, myself. Hopefully, over time, the gardens and lawns will beecome more interesting and diverse-that's the blandest part of the townscape, to me.

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    Pic 3 -I'm bored, I want retail
    I would revise this comment to say: I could be bored if retail shops aren't near. The street does have a quiet quality to it and I like a closed street. Is that an enclosed street?
    I did a google map search and this look's like a really nice location.

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    Mar 2005
    London, UK
    I think we can all agree that developing reasonably dense residential within easy walking distance of an existing downtown is admirable and a very good idea economically.

    The detailing on the buildings is very uneven. Just looking at the brick buildings in pics 1, 2, 5 and 8 -->

    Good: Foorways, crenellation below the corniches, sash windows, pillar posts.
    Bad: The half-assed quoins, the warehousy side elevations in the middle segment; also, the common-bond brickwork looks a bit veneerish? (could be jut the pics).

    The acutal downtown buildings look very good and very English. That pciture could be in any mid-Victorian part of London (other than the flags , unless it was a Canadian themed bar)

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    Apr 2006
    Windsor, Ontario
    Looks kind of like a typical beachside town.
    Those buildings are very common in towns and villages found throughout Ontario...
    It's nice, but nothing new.

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