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Thread: College student seeking info on education/career options

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    College student seeking info on education/career options

    Hello everyone,
    I'm currently a student at Columbia University, about to begin my sophomore year in a few months. Up until now I've been studying philosophy although I have yet to declare a major. Recently I have become interested in the possibility of a career in either the urban planning/design or architecture fields. I have a few questions and I hope someone can help me out by answering them, it would be greatly appreciated.

    First off, what is the relationship between planning and architecture? Is there one at all? How much overlap is there?

    Second of all, (and this pertains specificially to architecture, I know this is a planning forum but I'm hoping there are some architects out there to help me), what is getting an architecture degree like? I know there are some schools completely devoted to architecture (that are 5 years?) however, I'm obviously already in school and not in one of those. My school doesn't offer architecture as an undergraduate degree, is it still possible to study architecture as a graduate student or no? Would I be worse off than those with a BA/BS in architecture? Should I major in urban studies?

    Third, what is the job market like at the moment for planners, architects, etc? Salaries? Is it difficult?

    Finally, is it at all possible to make the jump from architecture or planning into something like property development or real estate?

    Thanks, help is appreciated!

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    Many of your questions have been discussed on the forum before. Do a quick search through them and you will find much commentary that is useful. There are also many posts about Columbia's planning and arch programs.
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