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Thread: Dual Degrees?

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    Dual Degrees?

    Any of you seasoned planners have a dual degree? If so, what are they in and have you found them to be beneficial to your career? I ask because after my internship this summer in the county planning department, I have decided that this facet of planning is not for me and that I enjoy the public policy creation aspects of planning. Considering pulling off a dual degree option in grad school since it would only require one extra class per semester and one additional semester. It would be a joint Master of City & Regional Planning and Master of Public Policy.
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    Aug 2005
    if you don't mind the extra work then i say GO FOR IT!! what could it hurt to learn more?

    good luck.
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    Jun 2003
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    Nope not me.
    I spent my time working my internship and a volunteer job , so I was going for experience over another degree.
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    Nope. A BA degree in environmental studies and planning and the consumption of wine. Well I guess that's a duel degree....wait, no sheep skin for the later. I forget sometimes.
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