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Thread: Washington Property Rights Initiative I-933

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    Jul 2006
    Beautiful Pacific Northwest

    Washington Property Rights Initiative I-933

    On July 6, the Washington State Farm Bureau submitted enough signatures on a petition to the Secretary of State for Property Rights Initiative 933 to be on the state's fall elections ballot.

    For those of you familiar with what Oregon has been going through in the past two years after the passage of their own property rights legislation, Measure 37, it's not as bad as what Washington will experience if I-933 passes. I-933 is both more sweeping and less specific (and very poorly written), and is potentially a disaster for planning and environmental protection in the state of Washington. In my local area, I-933 proponents are telling everyone that this will combat "eminent domain" land seizures, jumping on the bandwagon of public sentiment that has been brewing against this type of government action since last year's high-publicity Kelo v. New London in Connecticut. In actuality, Washington already has enacted laws preventing abusive eminent domain actions, and I-933 has nothing to do with this issue.

    I'd be interested in hearing what other Northwest planners are thinking about this issue -- the results in Oregon and the potential effects in Washington.

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    You are correct. The Gov. Gregoire has already enacted legislation that will make eminent domain takings harder for Cities and Counties to enact.

    I-933 is a horrible piece of proposed legistlation. It pretty does away with any zoning regulations and or public notification for land use changes because it forces Cities and Counties to either use public funds (taxpayer monies) to compensate for a loss of valuation of use, or allow the use.

    Who thinks these things up? Tell your friends, your neighbors and your family to vote NO on this.

    To be better informed, go to www.NOon933.org........

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