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Thread: Waiting for an Offer/Rejection (was: Waiting is agony! Advice?)

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    Mar 2006
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    Waiting for an Offer/Rejection (was: Waiting is agony! Advice?)

    As I stated in a previous post, I recently had a job interview with a large COG for an entry-level planning position. This position would mean a lot to me if I were to get it--great experience in an area of planning that I'm quite interested in, good benefits, etc. (BTW, thanks to everyone for the advice on interviewing!). Now comes the waiting. The interview went VERY well; I was taken to lunch, my potential supervisor and I really hit it off, everyone seemed to like me, etc. Keep in mind that this position has been open since February, so it's unlikely they suddenly had a rush of qualified candidates in late June. All of these factors led me to believe that I have about an 85% chance of getting the job. I was made aware that the decision makers would be having a meeting yesterday (July 11) afternoon, and would contact me with a decision soon after that date. My question is, in a large public agency, after a hiring decision has been made, what happens? How soon is the candidate usually notified? Does it get turned over to HR, and so the HR staff has to make the call? They said to call them by Friday if I hadn't heard from them. Anyway, I'm literally losing sleep over this (I really want this job). Any opinions? What usually happens in your agency? Thanks!

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    They usually turn it over to HR, who does background checks to verify resume information and criminal background. That usually takes a couple of days. The job I got about 3 months ago took about a week & a half to notify me.

    It certainly sounds like you have the job...

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    good luck! i'll keep my fingers crossed for you. i'm in the midst of a job hunt and i've had a variety of experiences in regards to finding out about the job.

    for a position in FL they offered me the job about 3 days after the phone interview.
    for a position in MA i found out i didn't get the job about 24 hours after the in-person interview.
    for a position in NC they offered me the job about 3 1/2 weeks after the interview.

    waiting is the hardest part. one of my final questions in interviews is "what is the time frame for this decision?" that way i can know if i'm going to have a day of anxiety or 3 weeks!
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    In our county, the offer of employment is handled by HR subject to the background check and the drug test. HR is slow here. Takes about a week for the offer to go out. As I recall, they took even longer with Rumpy's offer.
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