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Thread: Transfer station vs scrap/junk yard

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    Dec 2004
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    Transfer station vs scrap/junk yard

    Theres a proposed project in our city for a "recyclables handling and recovery facility".. and there has been a dispute over the project mainly because our code does not define anything like a transer/recyclables facility, only scrap/junk yards. The project as proposed, has some, but not all of the characteristics of a scrap/junk yard. Also adding fuel to the fire, there is a scrap/junk yard, complete with a junk dealer's license in the immediate area of the proposed operation, that has grown out of control and has become a huge eyesore and cause of much aggrevation- and raises the concern that a similar facility will wind up the same way.

    So, I ask:
    1. Has anyone been faced with a similar issue? How was it handled?
    2. How does your community define operations/facilities like these?


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    1. Yes. We recently dealt with a yard waste transfer station.

    2. As these were not in our zoning code, we looked up state regs and used them as a guideline. We required a special exception for the transfer station. (The operator ultimately found a location outside our jurisdiction.)

    Here in the hoosier state, our health departments and the state's department of environmental management are the *heavies* in regulating such uses as junk yards, waste and yard waste transfer stations, landfills, et cetera.

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