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Thread: Advice on visiting schools

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    Advice on visiting schools


    I'm planning to visit the schools I'm interested in in October and would love some advice from members on this board who have already done this.. Is it realistic to attend classes, speak with students and admissions reps? I plan on bringing a resume, copies of planning-related work I've done, but anything else? Obviously it's important to be familiar with the school's program, but should I try and meet with professors? I've been out of school for awhile..

    I'd love to hear your experience on what you did/how you prepared that felt successful.

    Also, does anyone know anything about the Urban Policy & Management program at the Milano school (New School)?


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    Not every program handles admissions in the same way. Request the program's view book and sort out what their process is. Many schools have planned visitation days that are listed on the websites. This is the best time to go IMO because time is specifically set aside out of everyone's schedules. A resume, unofficial (or official) transcripts, and perhaps a good example of a piece of planning work if it is relevant. These items let them know what your academic background is (and any strengths/weaknesses) and what work experience you have.Remember that

    MURP/MCRP programs pull from a very diverse pool of applicants with many different backgrouds both academically and career wise. Meeting with individual professors unless you know specifically that you want to study under them or their special interest, etc is a bit tricky. For the first go 'round I'd tap into one of the open house/visitation days since they will be available to you in a less forced manner.

    If you can't visit a program still contact them after you have received their recruiting materials that way you are known to them and chances are someone will remember you.

    Just my $.02
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