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Thread: Starting UW-Madison

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    Jul 2006
    Madison, WI

    Starting UW-Madison

    Hello all.

    Does anyone have any comments about UW-Madison's planning program? I've already made up my mind and am starting there this Fall. Just wondering what other's thoughts were. I just want to be assured that I am getting a respectable degree that will garner me some gainful employment nationally.

    Well, after plenty of consideration, I ended up selecting UW-Madison's program. Here were my reasons.

    1. They offer the opportunity to earn a dual MPA/MURP degree in 3 years. Very few schools allow this. My interest in Public Policy is high, so it was important. Also, UW-Madison's LaFollette School of Public Affairs is well ranked.
    2. Though I haven't heard much of UW's planning program, they are accredited and have a well rounded curriculum.
    3. UW-Madison also offers a Certificate in Transportation Management and Policy. This is completed by structuring one's curriculum to include certain transportation-related courses. Since my interest in planning is mainly in TOD and transportation planning, I liked this offering.
    4. I was given a Fellowship (for the MPA program). However, the Urban & Regional Planning program offers plenty of PA/TA opportunities to fund other semesters.

    Thoughts? Post em here.

    - Michael R.

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    Cyburbian Greenescapist's avatar
    Apr 2002
    I got an MS in urban planning at UW Madison in 2005. While the department has some shortcomings, the university is wonderful and it was a great experience. I took some courses in other departments- LaFollette, geography, economics, etc and found that it was a good way to get what I was missing from URPL. Good luck!

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