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Thread: Update and Thanks

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    Dec 2003

    Update and Thanks

    HI Everybody,

    Am back after another break.
    What kept me away was of course a short term project which kept me totally tied up for almost three months, then losing my password (too many passwords to remember for too many credit cards, internet banking, portals etc) and also my general lethargy.
    I have to make up my mind to enter Cyburbia...be mentally prepared to read the numerous posts ( I can spend hours reading the posts). I am sure the veterans know the art well and can skim through this ocean called Cyburbia.

    I have always found Cyburbia being right there always and always being helpful and useful.
    Its really interesting for me to understand the thoughts (especially about professional planning) as it goes on in the United States, Canada, Britain and Australia.

    Here I have to thank Cyburbia for guiding me when I asked my query about growth corridors a few months ago.
    That project was finished some time back and the plan was put up for public objections and suggestions. After that there was a legal loophole found in the administrative process of the plan and the file is thus waiting for a push from somewhere up there in the government departments.
    Inputs from Cyburbia and subsequent searches and application of mind led me to present a good case study of various projects in the world and in India.
    I was involved in preparing the development regulations of a special corridor around an intra city highway. Hyderabad city is witnessing tremendous outward growth and real estate prices are getting higher and higher (not a good sign). They are getting to nearer to metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

    Being a technical consultant to the state government on urban planning issues on these issues, it was quite a challenge to develop a robust, acceptable adn implementable set of regulations. A very short note has been put up by the local Development Authority on the web. http://www.hudahyd.org./new/index.html Try the link called
    - Comprehensive Master Plan for 1 K.M.,
    belt on either side of proposed
    ORR(Hyderabad ORR Growth Corridor)

    With that project in advanced stage I have been asked to look into the planning and development norms(standards) for Integrated townships within the urban region to be developed by the private sector on government land(PPP Model). The scale of these townships is quite big with each township of around 500 acres to accommodate anywhere between 50,000 to 100,000 people.
    There are at least five such projects lined up with locations finalised.
    So that will keep me busy in the coming days.

    Regarding the call for papers ...will try and see if some of my works can be written to suit the format for papers and if they can be useful for countries in the Americas, Europe, Australia and other parts of Asia.

    In the meantime I will be around and get back into the Cyburbia world. And also post more on my work on the specific forum.

    Best wishes and thanks again
    "I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them".
    -Isaac Asimov

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    Dec 1998
    Welcome back!
    "A witty woman is a treasure, a witty beauty is a power!"

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    Jul 2005
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    Welcome back.
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