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Thread: Unique Characteristics of some Actors or Actresses

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    Apr 2003
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    Unique Characteristics of some Actors or Actresses

    The post of Mel Gibson got me thinking about actors and actresses and how their stereotypes can also prevent anyone from truly representing their unique characteristics. For example from what we know of Mel Gibson, in real life, he does not seem all that different from his on screen characters. Typically a slightly off the edge tough guy who have a problem for authority.

    I have also notice, much to my dismay, the same about Michael J. Fox as I have been listening to his Autobiography “Lucky Man.” Fox reads the first chapter and delivers it in his typical fast paced yet subtle banter that is full of wit and sarcasm. It is truly him and also reflects almost every character he has ever played. However the remainder of the book is read by a professional narrator whom is very good at narrating, can not even come close to the same style of delivery as Fox, especially being that the listener is expected to remember that these are Fox’s own words.

    What other Actors or Actresses have unique characteristics that are also very reflective in the characters that they play. Additionally do think that the roles would be different if someone else had done them? What if Mathew Broderick had accepted the part of Alex P. Keaton in family ties?
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    Is it these actors get roles that are their natural character OR is that these actors become the characters they play?
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    Jane Seymour has one blue eye and one brown eye. It doesn't seem to affect her acting but it is kinda "interesting."

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