Hi Guys,

My city is undertaking a mammoth project of building a Mass Transit System and I am working (as a team member) on alternatives of providing built space over MRT stations for economic benefits to the MRT developer. The whole project is on BOT basis.

The first phse will pass through a total of 60 kms in three alignments/routes.

Airspace utilisation may be prevalant all over the world for some time now and I have seen photographs of the modern developments in Japan, Hongkong and KL.

1.I would like to know any specifc cases that you might know of or have worked on about built up space over MRT stations in urbanised/built up areas.

2.What do you think about the idea vis-a-vis your experiences in your countries.

3. What would be the planning issues regarding built space, built form, building use and management issues of such spaces (including access, parking, utilities, security and safety).
For example would kind of implications do you foresee for high rise structures (mixed use) over station built over road ROWs??...

Any inputs/comments are welcome