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Thread: Coastal Captain Plight

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    Nov 2003
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    Coastal Captain Plight

    My last day of vacation sure was a bummer. It started when I checked in with you guys to see where the draft stood. I checked cyburbia from work around noon on Wed to see if there was any mention of the draft start date. None, so I left for my vacation. As by some ironic twist of fate, a draft date was posted on Wed. afternoon.

    It is at this point where I will explain the solution and my point of view. Normally, we are given a week from posting till the start date of the draft. I left on Wednesday and checked the forums from a dialup old laptop on Tuesday. Until I read a few of the posts, I felt I had plenty of time to put up my keepers.

    In addition, I seem to recall last year when a few people didnít show up, the commissioners of each league kept up with the other teams. Look at my list of players that qualified as keepers, there were at least 2 obvious choices for experienced FF players.

    The solution it seems is for me to go ahead and select 3 players to make up for them. Iím waiting on a PM to let me know if it is 3 from my previous team or 3 unclaimed.

    It is hard for me to say if Iím bitter because of the situation, or if Iím bitter because I lost 2 top 4 draft choices that I worked for 2 years to acquire. However, I will play this year, so see you in the Super Bowl

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    Dec 1998
    You're up next in the draft. Make your Round 1 pick so that we can start Round 2 sometime this year.
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    Nov 2005
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    I know it is up to the Commissioner, but if he were to ask other members, I would not object to allowing you to pick keepers (based upon who is remaining from your team to be fair to those that have already choosen) and getting this process moving forward. That is my $0.02. I hope this can be resolved expeditiously so that the draft can continue.

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