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Thread: Universal design / visitability in California

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    Universal design / visitability in California

    I'm editing an article for the Planning Commissioners Journal that focuses on visitability -- that is, making new housing accessible for people with disabilities and/or seniors.

    I received information about California's model ordinance and universal design checklist.

    I'm trying to find out if any California cities or counties have adopted a universal design local ordinance.


    Wayne Senville
    Editor, Planning Commissioners Journal

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    I don't know the answer to your question about California municipalities that have adopted the ordinance, but I did want to offer a point of clarification about "universal design." This approach is about more than making housing (or other buildings) accessible to those that can't use stairs. Universal design posits an approach whereby all places are accessible to everyone. Design is undertaken in such a way that all people use the same features to access the same places and there is no distinction made among whether that access is afforded by a wheelchair, walker or feet (ie. no stairs up front and ramp on the side).
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