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Thread: Business signs, advertisement or location indicators?

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    Business signs, advertisement or location indicators?

    Almost all business owners see their signs as a way to advertise, but how successful is it? Auto dealers have flashy video screens showing their vehicles driving up a mountain, but has it ever caused someone to pull in and by a truck? I think that most businesses are more or less a destination point where at most their logo congers mental images of their product which might help to implant an idea to buy, but does it ever cause an impulse need to pull into the parking lot and buy what ever is being advertised?

    Can a sign code be written that would limit exterior signage to a simple location indicator and not an advertising source? Would they still be business friendly? Has this ever gone to court and the city won?
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    Jul 2006
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    Calgary has a fairly rigourous set of rules for signage as an appendix to the City's land use bylaw... Just looking through it (since it's not my area) it seems to be quite restrictive in keeping signage towards the "identification" end of the spectrum.

    We're certainly behind the times (which is probably due to the regulatory hurdles) when it comes to things like

    - large TV-style billboards... I don't think we have any here, although they had them in Toronto the last time I was there...

    - the entire face of a building being used as an advertisement (like the large Nike? mural I saw covering the side of a skyscraper in downtown Detroit), although we just had a short-term one put up, albeit much smaller, just unveiled in the downtown while a renovation is going on.

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