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Thread: Any good park and open space plan examples

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    Any good park and open space plan examples

    I am updating our City's Park and Open Space Plan. I have been using past plans as a template, but I see room for improvement. Does anyone have any examples of good Park, Open Space, Bicycle, or Outdoor Recreation plans that can be viewed online or e-mailed?
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    Ours is Appendix C of our comp plan. Google for the Town of Williston VT and you can find your way to it quickly on the Town's website.

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    Check your PM's.

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    From my fair city/county Comp Plan:
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    The Wisconsin county I work for finished ours up a few years ago, before I came on board. There is a link to it here POROS Plan
    I don't know if you'll find it good or bad, but most people think it is a pretty ambitious plan. It was good enough for the state to approve it.

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    As an intern, I started putting together a park/bike/open space plan. It's ~20 pages plus maps and charts thus far. PM me if you want, and I can tell you a little bit more about what it all encompasses.
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    In Wisconsin, communities adopt and update their Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plans on a five-year basis. It is a requirement for eligibility for the Nelson-Knowles Stewardship Grant funds. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources set requirements for what the plan can contain, and these generally are the base for the plan. A few years ago they published a manual on how to prepare these plans. You probably know this, but others who post responses may want to consider it.

    Of course, you can always put more into a plan that the minimum standards. For one fo the CORP plans I am working on, we are conducting an assessment of playground areas for compliance to safety standards. We see others where the community wants to consider facilities such as arts centers or aquatics centers or cultural resources or... whatever.
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