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Thread: Need recommendation for asphalt shingle

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    Need recommendation for asphalt shingle

    Hi All

    I just registered and I need your expert opinions on the issue of organic vs fiberglass shingles. Which is better? I am in London, Ontario which has similar weather to Michigan.

    My plan is to use architectural grade shingle to give the roof a 3d effect. The following brands are available in my area:
    • IKO
    • GAF
    • BP
    • Elk

    I am looking for a 40 year rated roof shingle. Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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    I used red GAF dimensional (architectural) 40-year shingles on my house and have been very pleased. The key, in my mind at least, was using 30# roofing felt, over the standard 15#. It is a few dollars more per square, but insignificant in terms of the total cost, yet provides so much more protection against infiltration.

    Good luck!

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    Jul 2006
    Tip of the Iceberg

    Organic vs. Fiberglass aspahalt shingles

    This link is a comparison between the two applicable to your area. Check it out.


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    Jan 2005
    My father owns a roofing company and has been in the business for going on 30 years.

    Let's be clear. IKO is garbage. Never ever ever put this on a roof unless you're selling it right away (in which case its warranty is barely transferrable anyways - 1yr... bandits...), or if you don't mind replacing the "40 year" shingle in 10-15 years.

    We've not come across GAF in our market.

    BP is meh. Antiquated.

    Elk is by far the superior supplier here. Go for their architectural high definition shingles, available in 30/40/50 year warranties, with high wind application to get the 50yr warranty. They also have some interesting variants where the shingles are larger (the thought being to imitate more traditional roofing, I suppose), but they're not worth the money. The lions share of our residential business is the 40yr architectural high definition fibreglass shingle from Elk.

    Oh, and you have to go for the vented RidgeCrest, as well. It looks amazing and forfeits the need for ugly roof venting (well, apart from the soffit).

    Search via google: Elk.

    Further: Always stay away from the following shingle FORMATS, regardless of manufacturer: T-lock and 3-tab.


    Further to comments above: As for application, ALWAYS use sheet metal for the valleys. Many installers simply use felt and shingle in valleys and this is insufficient. Also, felt the entire roof. Local codes may only require felt to within a few feet of the eave, but the material is cheap and it provides that much more protection for your roof. Go for it.

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