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Thread: Planning graduate schools

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    Sep 2006
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    Planning graduate schools

    Hi there,

    I have just discovered this site and am excited to have found an audience for my many planning related questions. First off though, I am interested in learning more about how planning graduate programs compare and what you all would advise I consider in choosing where to apply.

    I'd like to focus on physical planning and design, though I am also interested in land use and sustainability. Do programs that are a part of an architecture school differ greatly from others that are not?

    I have a BA in American Studies and only recently was seduced by the field of urban planning, so needless to say I have no planning background besides a six week career discovery program at Harvard Design School. How hard is it to get into a grad program with little background experience? Should I try to find a job in the field or volunteer to first get some experience?

    Are there rankings of programs? I have not found anything of this sort. But also, how important is the program you go in terms of job marketability afterwards? How much does the prestige of a program matter to employers, or is just having a degree all they care about?

    So lots of questions, please respond to any or all of my quandries.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Many many threads on this issue, you should do a search.....

    1. What exactly seduced you into the planning arena?
    2. Planning programs in architecture schools provide design training.....other programs tend to be policy oriented or public administration.....
    3. No rankings that mean anything.....accredidation has created a somewhat level playing field I think....You will learn what you want anywhere you go....
    4. You don't need a lot of background experience....just a good idea of what you want to do with a planning degree....

    Good Luck.....

    Check out the University of Colorado....plug plug plug.....
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