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Thread: Motorcycle Sales B-1 & B-2

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    Motorcycle Sales B-1 & B-2

    Our ordinance allows motorcycle sales in the B-2 but not B-1 district. B-1 is local business (from professional shops to Auto Parts and Accessory Sales, Indoor, and much retail). B-2 is general business (used car sales, most retail).

    We have a motocycle shop wishing to locate in the B-1. It is a unique shop specializing in 60' & 70's bikes only. They make seats, assemble (weld) bike frames, and sell specialized bikes and parts. In other words not a typical motorcycle sales shop.

    Can you think of a unique way to allow this in the lower intensity (B-1) district? They are not noisy or smokey. We can allow 15% of a district for "accessory" uses.

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    As long as the "manufacturer/fabrication" is no more than 15% of the use and then I don't see any problem. Let them do it. Just be sure that the environmental impact (noise, fumes, etc) of the "manufacture/fabrication" is not harmful.
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    I am in the other camp on this one. They sound very typical to me. The B-1 district sounds like it wasn't intended for this intensive of a use. This cylce shop may change or sell-out to another shop owner in few years. Once it is established could you shut it down if they start displaying bikes out-side, having it turn into a social club for riders, or storing junkers out-back waiting to be repaired? I have had a local H-D shop tell me everything we wanted to hear until they got their permit and then they did exactly the opposite. Now half the parking lot is used for display area, employees park on the landscape area, riders park in and block the on-street bike lane on Saturdays. Sorry, just had to vent.

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