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Thread: How is local tax abatement different from a TIF

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    Mar 2005

    How is local tax abatement different from a TIF

    I have recently been exposed to the term local tax abatement in Iowa. It sounds like a good idea but it sounds a lot like a TIF.

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    Dec 2001
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    OK....I'll bite. TIF?

    Currently we are giving 10 year tax abatements in Philly for new construction. Basically, you dont pay property taxes for 10 years.

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    Jun 2003
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    Property tax abatement provides an incentive for property owners to make improvements to property by exempting the resulting increase in valuation from property taxation for a period of time. The new valuation is "abated" and not subject to tax. Under tax increment financing (TIF), all increases in value are subject to the total property tax levies of all jurisdictions (city, county, etc.), but those revenues which are produced from the increased valuation are allocated back to the city or county that established the tax increment area. Those revenues must be spent for projects within the tax increment area. TIFs are often used for infrastructure improvements in an area to facilitate development that otherwise would not be possible. For example, a city might establish a TIF to finance a new water trunk line to a property in order to attract a computer chip manufacturing company. I think of TIF as a city's version of betting on horses.

    You shouldn't use abatements and TIFs together unless you are really, really careful because an abatement would cancel out part of the increment.

    Laws on TIFs vary greatly from state-to-state, so you might call up your legal department for a serious run down of the cans and can'ts.

    That's my understanding of them, but Cardinal could probably elaborate more.

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    Quote Originally posted by Suburb Repairman View post
    ...That's my understanding of them, but Cardinal could probably elaborate more.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence, but you got it right.

    I generally discourage tax abatements, and encourage people to use TIF sparingly and mostly for public improvements, even when private grants are allowed.
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