Coastal planners:

Is the government condemning property that has been abandoned for more than a
year, and has become a public nuissance or hazard, so that the government can
accumulate large tracks of land and make the land available for large scale

Is the government accumulating property for failure to pay real estate taxes,
and making it available to the highest private sector bidder for large scale

Is the government offering to buy land from insurance companies or financial
organizations that have accumulated a number of properties from owners in
violation of their mortgages or leases? This would allow local governments to
consolidate miscellaneous scattered properties into larger tracts that would be
attractive to developers.

Can governmental claims on abandoned properties be released quickly to private
sector developers by enabling or streamlining the property acquisition and
transfer process?

Is local or state government working on financing methods such as bonds or local options for local governments to buy or accumulate property to sell by bid to private developers?

Are there any innovative governmental initiatives that would be interesting to Cyburbia planners?