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Thread: Bulldozers set to raze tiny iowa town

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    Jun 2003
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    Bulldozers set to raze tiny iowa town

    Headline and Article from the AP Wire:

    ELKPORT, Iowa -- Within days, tiny Elkport will be wiped off the map.

    It's rare that a 150-year-old community disappears, but the heavy rains that caused Elk Creek to swell and breach its dike in May 2004 .....
    ....has been deserted ever since.

    Though the federal buyout was voluntary, residents and government officials agreed it was the only cost effective choice. Restoration estimates were steep considering the extent of water damage, and cost and practicality ruled out the option of elevating homes.

    Elkport is not the first Iowa town to be washed off the map. A federal buyout program led to the demise of Littleport after the Volga River flooded in 1999. And in the early 1990s, portions of the central Iowa town of Chelsea were redrawn after the Iowa River spilled over its banks.
    For students looking for paper topic ?
    Does anybody have stories/examples as how you funded a buyout program ? and received CRS credit ?

    Local Indiana example is the Town of English - bought out and relocated.
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    Mar 2006
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    I was just reading this story. Some people (specifically developers) need to be taught that this is why you don't build in a floodplain.

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    Quote Originally posted by cch View post
    I was just reading this story. Some people (specifically developers) need to be taught that this is why you don't build in a floodplain.
    It really is not that simple. Towns were built along rivers for many reasons, including their value as a means of shipping. It is still an economic necessity for many communities. In other cases, you may have issues with damns, either constructed for reservoirs or for energy production. Estes Park was heavily damaged in a flood several years back, when a dam in Rocky Mountain National Park failed. Boulder, which some people think of as a well-planned community, is the highest-risk in Colorado. The dam at the head of Boulder Creek would be an outstanding terrorist target.
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    A better lesson would be to not live in .......Port, Iowa
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    Apr 2003
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    Something similar happened to Ishpeming Michigan in the early 1900ís. But the mining company had to do the buyout because the mines caused sinkholes.
    The entire town was relocated just a few miles and the unsafe area was fenced off.
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