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Thread: Travel reimbursements for interview candidates: public sector

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    Travel reimbursements for interview candidates: public sector

    (Mods: Thanks for moving thread and giving a more appropriate title!)

    A question for public sector employees/employers:

    Does your employer offer travel reimbursement to interview candidates? Why or why not?

    Thanks in advance for your responses and insights.
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    We never have here, or in any of the other jurisdictions I've worked at. We usually do phone interviews with out-of-towners first. Mainly, it's all about budgets and being responsible to the taxpayers. It's hard to even get office supplies here with the budget so tight, and since property values went up so much in Florida the taxes went up and owners were screaming at the elected officials to reduce tax rates (most of the jurisdictions in the Tampa area gave in to those screams), resulting in less money but more services being required since there are so many more people and more construction. (sigh)

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    We had a similar thread a few years ago. My experience is that it was variable and related to where the job was located. California communities never paid. Washington/Oregon was 50-50. The midwest and Great Lakes states usually pay at least a portion of the costs. Colorado tended to pay.
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    Around here they'll pay travel for director-level and above.

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    We used to fly people down on our dime all the time then found that people weren't really serious about the position as they were about a quick trip to sunny florida... now we make them pay their own way and reimburse them upon hire.

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