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Thread: Investigation: which is the main object of the environmental design

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    Oct 2006

    Investigation: which is the main object of the environmental design

    Greetings from Bulgaria!

    My name is Deyan and I'm a student. One of my courses this year is called "Environmental design" and I think it's very interesting and I can categorise it like "adventure" for me, because it's not very popular in Bulgaria. My question to you is: can you help me to investigate which is the main object of the environmental design?
    When I red some definitions I understanded that planning and modeling of the physical environment is the main object of the environmental design. But do you thing there is something else?

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    Mar 2006
    Mobile, Alabama

    E D 101

    This is the name Buckminster Fuller gave to Architecture. It is now the first four years, the undergraduate curriculum for students who may go on to graduate school for a Masters or PhD in Architecture. It is the preventative way for what Environmental Engineering is concerning the cure for damage to the environment caused by disorderly development. It seems E E is where the money is – just as building design is where the money is in architecture. But the purpose of E D is to prevent the abuse and destruction of the environment by careful, systematic and orderly design of cities. The problem has been that no one knows how to do that but I for one am working on it for what ever that may be worth.
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