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Thread: Control access or promote connectivity?

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    Control access or promote connectivity?

    Hello there,

    Our state model subdivision regulations in Maine currently has performance based standards for determining the number of street openings (accesses) for a subdivision. It's basic smart growth language that promotes connectivity regardless of the zoning density and it reads "Any subdivision expected to generate average daily traffic of 200 trips per day or more shall have at least two street connections with existing public streets..."

    My question to my planning brethren is should this standard apply to commercial or industrial subdivisions particularly if the subdivision is getting its access from an arterial where you want to maintain mobility and where there are no double frontage opportunities for the subdivision in question? I would be curious how fellow planners deal with this idea.

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    On its face I would tend to say yes, it should. But, I would also look at the possibility of a r-o-w reservation such that a connector road could be dedicated at some future time to the adjacent lands, as opposed to the existing arterial, and consider the requirement met that way.

    BTW: welcome to Cyburbia. I spent my freshman year of college at Nasson, right there in old Springvale. I understand that property has redeveloped.
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    Thanks Gedunker. Yes it has been redeveloped. The old gym was renovated last year, some of the old dorms will be senior housing, the only building that hasn't been redeveloped is the old science building...Unfortunately, what I think was the old quad is now a parking lot for the Anderson Learning Center, Courthouse and Gym.

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