I'm new to the Cyburbia community. Truly an excellent site.

I'm considering returning to the Planning field after an 18 year "hiatus". Yes. That is almost two decades. Worked as a Transportation Planner for 12 years in the New York Metro area. Still a TP by nature. Urban transit = my specialty. Preference for rail. I left at that time for more people oriented work rather than "data-centric" work. Now, after nearly two decades + some wisdom, the "planning world" seems to be quite an exciting field.

Being an owner of a brownstone in a gentrifying area in New York City, I'm open to other areas of planning. I resonate with "gentrification” and the new urbanism
Seems interesting.

How would one go about returning to the field? Now with maturity, white hairs, rich experiences and a diverse set of skills – I’m open to thoughts and advice on finding a niche(s) where I can be of service, be well received and my skills set + creativity are “just what the doctor ordered" -- so to speak.

I'd appreciate thoughts, perspectives and advice on getting the new ball rolling.