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Thread: Can I make a request for an interview at application submission?

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    Can I make a request for an interview at application submission?

    Hi all,

    I have an out of state job opening I'm looking at for 'assisant project administator' within the Comm. & Bus Dev and I think I'm quite suited for the position. After speaking to a women in HR yesterday she informed me I would have to personally be in the office to fill out a standard application along with my resume. The app is not available online. I kind of shrugged it off and thought oh well.... Thinking more later...I thought maybe I could make the 7 hour commute to do this.

    My question... Can I request an interview upon application submittal. Also, is it appropriate to ask for more information regarding the position. Such as, have there been many applications filed, what kind of person (?) are you looking for to do the job.....

    any and all help with this is greatly appreciated!

    Enjoy your Friday!

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    Jun 2004
    You could ask to speak to someone, but personally would explain that you are outof town, I have never heard of someone not taking an application via internet, fax or snail mail.
    When I was applying for my current job, I was living in WY and had to come into Missouri for a sick relative. I did contact St. Charles and told them I was in town and asked if they would like to interview me, rather than going back to Wyoming only to have to come back here. I felt very strange doing it but it obviously worked, they interviewed me, went through the rest of the interviews and called me within a week (I would have been so mad if I had driven back to WY only to get a call the next day for an interview) and offered me the position. It was bold, I felt strange calling to ask for an interivew but perhaps the aggressiveness worked?? It worked for me and I have been here for 6 years

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    I guess because it's a state job there is some kind of a standard application 'everyone' needs to file?

    Thanks for the input, I think I'll call before the day is over (soon) making sure to speak with gentle assertiveness

    Sorry. It's a county job and the app stays on file for a year. HR is giving me no information and no help with an interview. I'm thinking about calling the department direct???
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    Feb 1998
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    Be bold on this one, what have you got to lose? Contact the department. Does HR have a spare desk for you to fill out the application while physically there? I have never heard of such a situation. Could this be a ploy to pre-screen applicants, to pre-judge on your looks, type of dress, or hair style? Or to limit applicants to a one hour radius?

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    Aug 2001
    I have NEVER heard of having to go in and fill out an application in front of a person. I wonder if it's even legal to require that? Are you sure that she didn't just mean that you need to submit the County's application? Because having a standard application form is typical in the States.

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