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Thread: PUD/PRD with noncontiuous parcels?

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    May 1997
    Williston, VT

    PUD/PRD with noncontiuous parcels?

    So who out there has done, or has ordinance language that allows, PUD/PRD's with noncontiguous parcels?

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    Nov 2002
    Champlain-Adirondack Biosphere Reserve
    Our local code requires 30 contiguous acres minimum for a PUD. Our governing board has descritionary authority to allow less land area, but it must be contiguous.
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    Mar 2004
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    Sure, why not.....just call one parcel phase one and the other parcel phase two....make sure you have two distinct legal descriptions to meet the intent of rezoning each parcel and wham.....new PUD. Where I've seen this the most is when a property is seperated from the parent parcel by a major road....some states allow that parcel to be connected for tax pursposes and planning purposes....but I'm not sure how that could effect a PUD application. If the ownership is the same and the applicant is willing to create a phase 2 of the PUD that may need to be a seperate document and recorded seperately....why not...

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    May 2003
    Staff meeting
    We are currently revising our language to include unified development as a PUD when it crosses a public ROW, which would have to be adjacent across that ROW.
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    Aug 2005
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    You mean, like a TDR? that would be the way to think about it - except it's with one owner buying or tansfering rights to his/herself!

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    Mar 2006
    Machesney Park, IL
    We'd make them apply for two seperate PUDs. Each one would need to be a minimum of 35 contiguous acres, according to our ordinance. I guess it all depends on what your ordinance says.

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