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Thread: Dynamic urban models

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    Dynamic urban models

    We (CSIR-Transportek) have just started to research the use of Dynamic urban models (dynamic simulations of urban systems) for their potential application in South African cities. Although there are a lot of theoretical knowledge, articles and books available on these models they are often out of date and generally of a theoretical nature. In addition, few examples exist of these models being applied in South Africa (the only notable example is the attempted application of the Echenique model in Cape Town during the late 1980) We will be very interested in exchanging ideas about these models as well examples of their application. Some of the models we are currently looking at are the California Urban Futures model(CUF), EMME/2 (although the latter are more a transport modelling package), etc. We are especially interested in Universities doing research into this area as we are considering setting up graduate student/lecturer exchange programmes with leaders in this field. Please reply to the address below should you have any information on the subject.

    Thank you

    Stephan Krygsman
    Urban & Regional Planner
    CSIR - Transportek
    P.O. Box 707
    Stellenbosch, 7599
    South Africa
    E-mail: skrygsma@csir.co.za

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    I am interested in small town and village assessment. People are finding these environments to house a better sense of community and livelihood. But urban models are not sufficient for assessing small communities. As urban areas get more dirty, dark, and damp, small towns will increase in popularity. What of the villages in South Africa, do you have modeling techniques for them?

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    are you looking for GIS information? Obviously your urban models arent in southern California... dirty yes, dark.. damp? Where did that come from?

    If you have a GIS question, contact me... if you have the idea that all urban area are dark and damp, please stay in school a little longer!

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    Cyburbian Doitnow!!'s avatar
    Dec 2003

    S(t)imulating Topic

    Doing GIS Based Dynamic Urban Model is a dream project for me.
    Im looking for the right opportuntiy and circumstances.
    This Stephen Krygsman posted that message in 1997. That was when I had just about entered the world of GIS. Was a novice then and am still learning.
    "I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them".
    -Isaac Asimov

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