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Thread: Inter-library loan

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    Feb 2000
    Sans Souci

    Inter-library loan

    Have you ever used inter-library loan services? What sorts of materials were you looking for?

    In the past I've checked out old newspaper microfilm from other states and from the State's Historical Society. Today I ordered a copy of the following article....

    Russian Review: Vol 19, No. 1 (January 1960) for the article "Darwinism, Scientism and Nihilism".

    I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from the local library saying that it was available and being ordered.

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    Mar 2006
    Machesney Park, IL
    I actually worked in the interlibrary loan department of my university library when I was an undergrad. Used it a few times too, but only when I was in school.

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    Mar 2003
    "Somewhere in the middle"
    One of my Ex's ordered a copy of a very scarce book that had the love letters written by Gen George Pickett during the civil war to his extremely young bride. He was a decendant. ( I don't believe he ever returned it. )

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    Apr 2004
    Tri-Cities, Washington
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    When I did a term paper on the planning, organization and construction of Denver's new Airport for my ONLY Urban Planning class in college, I used inter-library loan.

    I have thought about it for stuff up here, as the local library is good--- but people seem to check out specific books I want and keep renewing them for a year...
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    Mar 2004
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    Long ago....in a galaxy far far away.....I ordered about 15 items through inter-library loans....from about 10 places.... I was thinking about trying to get certified in Canada MCIP..... read all of the materials....then decided that I should work up there first......someday maybe.....

    Had a good experience with the library loan system I used to use it all of the time in grad school, but was local between U. of Denver Law School Library and U. of Colorado System, as well as the Denver Public Library (FANTASTIC LIBRARY BY THE WAY!!)
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    Oct 2003
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    When I was living in Toronto, I fell in love with the city's library system. The city has 99 libraries. The best thing about it was the abundance of resources available.

    I loved going to their website and putting in a request for whatever books, movies, cds, or what not that I was interested in borrowing and in a short while, I would get notification these requested items are in!

    Many of these resources came from different libraries to the library that was closest to me.

    I don't know if this is considered "inter-library loans".

    This is one of the things I miss about Toronto.

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    Aug 2001
    Western Pennsylvania
    I use it a lot because out library doesn't have the most interesting selection of books.

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    Aug 2001
    I love our library cooperative! It is like having a million books at your fingertips. Just about anything we are looking for the library has it.

    People who steal library books are worse than scum IMO!

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    May 2005
    New Town
    Interlibrary loan is way cool. I used it a lot in school looking for obscure articles about African cultural traditions (musical and otherwise) as well as historical documents. This stuff was not in our library, but they tracked it down from somwhere, no problem. They would send it right o my house when it came in - a great present in the mail, espceially when you forgot that you had even requested the stuff.
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