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Thread: Recruiter?...and resume tip?

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    Recruiter?...and resume tip?

    Does anyone have any input on whether or not a recruiter is helpful within the field of planning?

    I have recently solicited the help of recruiter for some resume feedback....I've been feeling a little stuck with mine lately

    Of course she offered some helpful information but quickly goes into the ....'I can help you find a job bit.... I'm a little skeptic?

    Also, just for a frame of reference. I've been using a Target/Functional format for my resume. Could you all offer some personal preference with this.... Is a chronological format easier to read and more appealing?
    I have some gaps in my work history so that's part of my reasoning for functional, that and I struggle with the brief and powerful job descriptions/duties...

    Any and all help with this is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks all

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    Aug 2006
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    Not sure how helpful a recruiter would be - they get the commission from the employer and not you?

    As for the resume format I think it depends on your work experience, education, the level of job you are applying for and to some extent personal preference.

    I would say functional makes sense in your situation. I personally prefer the chronological, in not only my own resumes, but also resumes I am reviewing b/c I am able to paint a clearer picture in mind. I'm sure other will have different preferences.

    Don't know if I was much of a help - but try to have your resume sell how you meet and exceed the job duties and requirements in the postings.

    Good luck!

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    Jul 2006
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    Recruiter or what we call "Headhunter is a career long time ago. They just get % from your annual salary. They can help you find job, but sometimes the job given to you is not the right job you want. It's still best to apply by yourself directly to the employer.
    Functional resume is effective if you have gaps or jumping from one company to another company in short stays in the company. Customize the contents according to the requirements of the future employer. Highlighting first on the big projects related to the current job. Things that will give them interests in your career that they feel is what they need from you. Good luck.

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    I didn't think a recruiter/headhunter would be of much help in the this particular field. It was of use to have another pair of eyes look over my resume.

    Can anyone throw some good search engine words at me to help pull up more avenues of the field....like affordable housing, community services...so forth. I'm stuck in a rut with where I've been searching.

    I think I'm going to try for the Chronological Format, maybe just use the years rather than months....does that work okay?
    There aren't huge gaps. I worked steadily through college, bounced from 2 jobs after school, while 'finding myself' whatever ...and have been home with my little dude ever since.

    I'm really hoping to find somewhere that will give me the opportunity to sprout into the planner I know I can be

    Thanks All! And Have a Wonderful, Wonderful Weekend.

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    Aug 2001
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    If you are looking for a position in the public sector, then I would say a recruiter is pretty much useless. A handful of cities use professional firms to conduct their searches for top positions. If that is what you are going for, then you should let them know that you are looking. Otherwise, the idea that this recruiter is going to help you find a job really doesn't hold water. The public hiring process dictates that.
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