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Thread: London, Ontario, Canada Discussion

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    Nov 2006
    London, Ontario, Canada

    London, Ontario, Canada Discussion

    Well there doesn't seem to be a thread for us yet, so here we are.

    If there's any other Londoners out there, by all means make yourselves heard!

    I'll try to post development-related articles about London here as often as I can.

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    Mar 2004
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    Hey I've been to London, (several times) nice place; but there is little to do unless you are a University Student. I would go there for weekends because it was a cheap trip; I even went there for work once to meet with the Ministry of Transportation.

    Unless there is some wild side that is hidden, I could not find it. I can recall it being home to the Guy Lombardo museum and a noted children's amusement park.

    What amazes me most about London is they tried to do everything right with their downtown, but people still shopped at the suburban malls anyways, leaving a galleria shuttered, as well as another place that was one I believe a farmer;s market. I would assume that the reason why things are slow there on weekends is that the town empties out as it is within an easy drive to both Lake Erie and Huron Shores.
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    Apr 2006
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    Although I have never been to London I have worked with one of your former mayors. She had wonderful things to say about the town but then again she was the mayor and is a 6th generation Londoner.
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    Spent four glorious and cloudy years in London for school. A great little city.

    In my mind, for the downtown they made the mistake of other cities (like Hamilton, Ontario) in the 1970s and 1980s of thinking an enclosed dowtown mall, which removes the existing street fabric, can revitalize a downtown. However, the new Covent Garden market and John Labatt Centre (sports complex) are definitely big draws.

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    Feb 2006
    Toronto, Ontario
    I lived in London for two years studying urban planning. A good city to start in. The city can get tiresome. If your not down with the university jock and jockettes, there isnt much else there, other than a grimey east side and a weak downtown.

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