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Thread: Amending a future land use map

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    Nov 2006
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Amending a future land use map

    My municipality is just now developing a future land use map in our comp plan. We have never had one before.

    Our current planning staff are concerned about the increased work that will result: having to process comp plan amendments for new developments with a significant land use change. We'd like to show as much detail as we can on the FLU map, but realize the more detail we add, the more frequently it probably will be amended.

    Any ideas on how to streamline the comp plan amendment process for FLU map updates? We're in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota, so have additional requirements for amendments from our Metropolitan Council.


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    Cyburbian cch's avatar
    Mar 2006
    Machesney Park, IL
    You'd only have to amend it if your governing body approves zoning changes that are inconsistent with it, and why in the world would they do that? What is the point of making one, if they aren't willing to adhere to it?

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    Cyburbian Budgie's avatar
    Feb 2000
    Sans Souci
    My City Commission would say.... "why amend it, when you can just not follow it."
    "And all this terrible change had come about because he had ceased to believe himself and had taken to believing others. " - Leo Tolstoy

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    Feb 2006

    future title here

    I agree that the purpose of making the plan is to follow it, but a map is not set in stone with reason. Couldn't you just have a annual or semi annual update that included ammendments to date?

    But, if it's a Future Land Use map why does it have to reflect exisiting conditions, couldn't a future land use map show a desired for changed use in an existing parcel or area or does it have to reflect what is?

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    Cyburbian Richmond Jake's avatar
    Aug 2001
    The Emerald Coast
    Check you state enabling laws. Does it limit the number of amendments per year?

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    May 1997
    Williston, VT
    The key here is how you map the uses. If it parallels your zoning map too closely or is based on a really literal definition of use, you may find yourself doing a lot of changes. If you map using neghborhoods, development areas, re-development areas, etc. That is if you make the map about land use functions, you will be fine. ALSO, remember this, the TEXT that accompanies a future land use map is a lot more important than the map itself!

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    Cyburbian solarstar's avatar
    Aug 2002
    Lee Nellis has some good points. Another suggestion is to limit the number of land use categories on your future land use map. For example, make a general "commercial" type use on the future land use map, and then all (or some, depending on what works for you!) of your commercial zonings could be subcategories of that which are indicated on your zoning map. Chances are many amendments will be among subcategories. This may reduce the effectiveness of your future land use map, but doesn't have to if it's set up right. Limiting future land use maps to so many cycles a year or so many acres per year (our statutes require these) also reduces the number you'll have to do.

    Re streamlining - we do a combo app so that zoning amendments and future land use amendments are done with one application (and therefore with one hearing cycle). You'd want consistency, so combining them works to reduce the timeframe when both maps need to be amended.

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    Oct 2006
    Saint Paul, Minnesota
    Never had a future land use map? It will be a change... but a few years from now you'll be glad you added this to your Comp Plan.
    (And it really should not increase the number of Amendments that come thru your Planning Commission & Council, right?)
    Be minimalist with the land uses represented on your Comp Plan map. Try using the same 20-or-so categories that Met Council itself uses: Parks & open space, Comm, Industrial, H- M- and L-density Residential, Mixed Use, etc, etc. Where you currently have Undeveloped land, lay out the future land use in appropriately scaled swaths.
    The greater amount of detail (neighborhood commercial vs regional comm vs etc, etc, etc) should not be in the Plan, but instead should be in your Zoning, right?

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    Cyburbian TOFB's avatar
    Jan 2006
    Loma Linda's
    Just keep it as generalized as you can get away with, while still being useful.

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