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Thread: Question for the Urban Planners on the forum

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    Nov 2006

    Question for the Urban Planners on the forum

    My name is Zac O'Neil I have a question to ask you.

    I am currently taking a Speech Communication class at Northern Virginia Community College and I'm currently in the process of working on a career/interview speech. As you probably already have guessed, I have chose Urban Planning. My question is this; could I please ask you a few questions about Urban Planning? If you can't answer the questions, could you please direct me to someone who can help me out?

    Please reply forthwith, thank you.

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    Aug 2001
    Quote Originally posted by Zac_1986 View post
    Please reply forthwith, thank you.
    You may not get many replies on a holiday weekend. If you are not in a big hurry though, and have questions to ask, there will probably be more people around on Monday or Tuesday. So go right ahead and ask away. If we didn't like to talk about Planning, we probably wouldn't be here.

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    As nerudite mentioned, this holiday weekend traffic will be slow to the site until members get back to their routines on Monday and Tuesday.

    You should also post the questions you are interested in asking here in the forum so that members that do stop by over the weekend can start replying. The purpose of the forums, after all, is to have open discussions about urban planning topics.

    So, how can we help you?
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    Nov 2006
    I got 11 questions:

    1. What is your name and your occupation? (location of your job, if desired)
    2. Can you please define Urban Planning?
    3. What university did you attend to gain your degree (state which degree it is) at?
    4. Besides the university that you named in Question 3, can you name any other universities that have Urban Planning programs?
    4. What are the general job responsibilities for Urban Planners?
    5. What type of people skills do you need in the field of Urban Planning?
    6. What is your favorite historical urban planning project and why?
    7. Name your favorite projects and why you liked them?
    8. What and why was your most ambitious project?
    9. Can the surrounding community of a proposed project give their two cents into what should and should not happen?
    10. Do you have any words of advice and wisdom for a greenhorn who just got into the Urban Planning field?
    11. Do you think that the future metro line going through Tysons Corner, Virginia should go underground (tunnel) or be on elevated track?

    Thank you in advance,
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    Well I think that your specifics are not exactly necessary, but I will answer what I can.

    2.) Check the search function, this question was posed just a couple days ago.
    3.) Ball State University for Undergrad in planning, and Ohio State for grad.
    4.) Yes, there are many. Go to www.acsp.org to find out all of them.
    4.b., 5,) Again check out the previous posts in the forum.
    6.) I think for me that it would be Radburn. It is a very interesting design, and idea. Never truly worked though, as elitism never does. But it started many good ideas.

    I think the rest of the questions are for others to answer. Good luck.
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    Moderator note:
    Sorry Zac....Cyburbia will not do your homework for you.

    Many of the answers to your questions are readily available on various websites (APA, wikipedia, ACSP, etc).

    Others request personal information that members are not likely going to respond to.

    Thread closed for violation of the Homework rule;

    Quote Originally posted by Cyburbia Rules
    2.8 Homework
    Specific questions about parts of an assignment, or general advice or guidance are permitted. Requests to complete homework assignments are not.
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