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Thread: ZBA revolving fund for legal fees

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    Aug 2005

    ZBA revolving fund for legal fees

    anybody know what this is? do you have one?

    i've been put in charge of creating one for our ZBA and i haven't a clue what i'm supposed to be creating!!

    thanks in advance!!
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    I'll take a stab at this one.

    In cases where your municipality prevails in court against a zoning violator and you collect fees, those funds typically go into a general fund or other account that reverts at the end of your fiscal year. Thus, your stash of cash goes to fund other department's operating budgets. You can get around this by having your council adopt a "non-reverting" fund (as it is called here, check to see what it's called where you are). "Non-reverting" funds roll over after each fiscal year remaining in your control, but they are tightly regulated -- e.g., you can't move money out of that fund for anything other than it's dedicated purpose. These funds may also have an impact on your budget, but that varies from state to state.

    Good luck!
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