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Thread: Do you use Linux?

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    Cyburbian michaelskis's avatar
    Apr 2003
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    Do you use Linux?

    I have been thinking about dumping windows off my old laptop (now just a backup) and loading Linux because it is less complicated for it to operate. I donít use it for more than just the basics, but I am still wondering if it is a good move or not.

    What have been your experiences with it?
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    Dec 2001
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    it's a good move if you stick to office/internet/email type uses.

    ubuntu is a great build. and it's free.

    if you plan on getting digital cameras, mp3 players, and other add-on's, linux is currently less supported.
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    Be a man. Do a Stage 1 install of Gentoo. It'll make your neckbeard thicker.

    Seriously, it depends on the speed of the laptop. Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS are good beginner distros IMHO, with drivers that will support most peripherals you're likely to throw at it. If you're looking at an older computer running under 1000 MHZ, check out Vector Linux. It's a Slackware derivative, and programs will be a bit more difficult to update than a Debian or Red Hat/Fedora-based distro, but it will be speedy even with the KDE or Gnome window managers.

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    Aug 2005
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    Linux and Lucy?

    I hear bad things happen to people who switch to Linux...

    Good luck, my friend, may the force be with you...
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    Mar 2005
    It's been a while since I have used Linux but I really enjoyed using it back in the day. It just doesn't run the hardware I use. For basic use and exploration, it's fun.
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