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Thread: Communities < 25,000 People with Parkland Req prompted by building permit

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    Nov 2006

    Communities < 25,000 People with Parkland Req prompted by building permit

    Sorry for the long title, but I wanted to clearly distinguish my parkland question from the other park topic in the forum which was a bit different.

    My city recently adopted a new subdivision ordinance that seeks 1,000 sq ft of park land per dwelling unit; or a cash-in-lieu option that is determined by the market value of the parkland requirement's equivalentt. Problems quickly developed after it was approved because the cash-in-lieu's procedure and methodology have proven to be too onerous. It applies not only to lots yet to be subdivided; but to infill lot as well. In other words, when a new home gets built in an existing subdivision that is underserved by parks, we seek the cash-in-lieu of park option at the time of the building permit.

    Citizens want to see justification that the practice of seeking a cash-in-lieu prompted by a building permit is done elsewhere. Well, yes, I've found it done elsewhere, but in cities 5 X's the size of my community (and/or with 5 X's the median household income).

    Basically, I'm looking for cities less than 25,000 people that don' t have an outrageoulsy high median household income (preferably >$30,000) that aren't in or near a metro area, and that have a cash-in-lieu of parkland, especially those instances where the cash-in-lieu process is prompted by building permits, and not just prompted by plat recordation.

    Any suggestions or specific communities that anyone is aware of, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

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    Aug 2001
    I know this isn't an answer to your question but I am aware of Cities that have a similar ordinance in place but they are all 90k and above in pop. If you can't come up with less than 25k info and are interested let me know. Sorry not much more help...

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