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Thread: Minors and Majors

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    Sep 2006
    Los Angeles, CA

    Minors and Majors

    So I'm an Urban Studies and Planning major, and I'm thinking I want to go to graduate school in a couple years for urban design or landscape architecture. What would be a good minor to go along with my major?

    There is no architecture program at my school, but there is visual arts, poli sci, computer science, etc- all potential aspects of my field. Would minoring in any help me get in, help me in the long run with increased knowledge, or do you think it would just slow me down? Thanks so much!

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    Mar 2006
    athens, ga
    My advice? Don't worry about where you want to go, or what you want to do, or take courses just to make you look better.

    Take courses that *interest* you, whatever they are. Figure out who you are, and you'll be a better employee, even if you're not working in your preconceived field.



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    Aug 2005
    Funky Town, CO.
    You may not need to take a minor but a wide range of electives would help and they can be fun and/or interesting. The ability to represent ideas graphically is a skill that many planners lack and would be of great value in UD or LA. I have to say that my stick figures can be quite entertaining and very humorous. The whole prespective thing is beyond many planners' scope, that why we often revert to scale plan view drawings provided by a GIS program. If your course work does not include economics I would take at least a micro/macro pair of classes. It helps in understanding private sector action and public sector policy. A couple of undergraduate constitutional law classes have served me very well as a planner. So has a public speaking class but I wish I would have taken that one as a pass/fail. Geography, both physical and human and if you are not afraid of a little science a couple of geology courses could be valuable. Remember that a good undergraduate education will include a broad range of topics and interests and provides a strong base for a lifetime of learning. Have fun!

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