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Thread: Freight Summit in Corpus Christi?

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    Freight Summit in Corpus Christi?

    Anyone else from here going to the NARC/TXDOT freight summit in Corpus Christi?

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    It was "loads" of fun, anyway. Get it?

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    Aug 2006
    Quote Originally posted by BikePlanIt View post
    It was "loads" of fun, anyway. Get it?
    That was a freight-eningly bad joke.

    On topic: what were some of the more interesting things discussed in the conference?

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    Globalization continues to increase, fostering growth in U.S. and other ports, and innovative ways to transfer goods will be needed. Widening of the Panama Canal will increase port demand in the U.S. and other places, too. Containerized cargo continues to grow (~300% increase in the next 20 years in some places). Trucks will continue to be the dominant final shipment method, and will continue to increase.

    There are several methods emerging to help deal with the increased demand. Alliance, Texas has a 40-year master plan, with a cargo-only airport, and intermodal hub in place. Many corporate freight offices have moved there, and are enjoying faster mode transfers and product delivery. A similar, but rail-focused facility has been built in Walla Walla, Washington, enabling fresh vegetables to be delivered to New York in 5 days. Freight coming the reverse direction is growing.

    Though controversial, the Trans-Texas Corridor promises new options for freight delivery, and speed. Negotiations with the rail companies are private, and no promises have been delivered for growth of rail.

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