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Thread: Incentives for hotel upkeep

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    Nov 2006
    Santa Cruz, CA

    Incentives for hotel upkeep

    Hi All

    I am doing research for the City of Santa Cruz, CA on ways to enhance our hospitality industry. Although we are a lovely city by the sea we have below average occupancy rates.

    Our hotels are very out of date and unkept. It is my job to look into ways that we can help promote rennovation and upkeep of the hotels. These hotels are able to charge $200/night in the summer and just $50/night in the winter.

    My question is what can government do to basically prod business owners to do a better job. Anyone know of any successful or unsuccessful similiar projects?


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    Feb 2004
    How about annual inspections to make sure the buildings meet the minimum standards of the building code in place when they were built? You may want to consider creating a redevelopment fund to give out low interest rate loans to individually owned facilities to encourage rehabilitation. Just some thoughts.

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    Apr 2006
    Promoting synergies...
    Have you spoken to the owners about the poor and out of date condition of the rooms? It would be a good start to find out what their challenges are and what the city can do to assist in their operations...like a retention visit.
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    Aug 2006
    Bay Area (Northern California)
    code enforcement (i.e., daily fines until it's fixed).

    Ther must be something in your code about "nuisances".

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    Aug 2002
    At least two counties in upstate New York have established programs specifically targeted to hotel and motel owners, to encourage the renovation and modernization of outdated lodging facilities. The programs offer grants or low-interest loans that must be matched in part by private investment. In return, the hotels must create jobs for local residents (as mandated by the federal Community Development Block Grant program, a major source of funding for this program). The idea is to provide opportunities for business retention and expansion in areas where tourism is the main industry; by helping business owners invest in improvements, the counties are increasing occupancy rates and improving the tourism industry overall.


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    Jun 2003
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    Code enforcement is a good starting point if you've got some real stinkers out there.

    We have a economic development revolving loan fund that we could use to provide low-no interest rehab loans for hotels. We're about to rework this program as a downtown rehab program (facade, and interior if it will result in xx jobs, etc.). Access to cheap money will do wonders to motivate the hotel owners.

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