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Thread: Long range planning department

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    Jan 2004

    Long range planning department

    So my county is beginning to move from the stone age of development review and basic permitting into the space age of long-range planning. Exciting times! As we talk as a local gov't and as a department, i thought i'd ask the basic question of other cyburbanites: Do you have a long-range department and, if so, what do you do? What are your basic duties? Neighborhood planning? Plan and code amendments? Data collection? What do you do all day long?

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    Oct 2005
    Hi, I feel you. I just started a new job as a director of a County in SC that has only had plan review for 10 years! Needless to say the staff is only myself and 2 planners (maybe a few more in the future). I don't have the manpower to do longterm planning right now besides myself but hopefully in the near future when our heads are above water we can start doing big picture stuff. Good luck.

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    Jun 2003
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    Here's what we have under our long-range division:
    • Comprehensive Planning & subsidiary plans (downtown revitalization, transportation, bike & trails, etc.)
    • Future Land Use map amendment requests
    • Sector Planning (neighborhood planning)
    • Capital Improvements Planning
    • Annexation
    • Demographics & Data Collection
    • University Relations with respect to their campus master plan (we are a college town)
    • Analysis of all tax abatement proposals, TIF, TIRZ, etc.
    • We sit in on development process meetings as "red flag raisers".

    Though not long-range, we also manage a couple of other programs, including
    • Community development (CDBG entitlement & HOME through State of Texas)
    • Fair housing
    • Infill incentive program
    • Redevelopment revolving loan fund

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    Nov 2005
    In the Peach State
    In our long range planning department (County) we...

    Write and update the Comp Plan
    Develop small area master plans and corridor studies
    Deal with municipal annexations
    Prepare GIS analysis
    Historic Preservation
    Develop and implement design guidelines
    Research & analysis (various topics)
    Environmental planning (Open space, conservation easements, etc)
    Write policy (code amendments)
    Manage consultants (which we rarely hire)
    Work on regional coordination issues
    Represent the county at regions, state, and/or local functions
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    Mar 2004
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    They have separate departments for that stuff......

    I was on the fast track in grad. school to be a "long" range planner Then I got swindled into current planning......I haven't been the same (sane) since My dream job just before I retire (remember my retirement plan is....found dead at desk...) is to be a "long" range planner
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    Aug 2002
    I have a great job that is both long range and current, but we really do have separate sections. Our long range people work on the comp plan, sector/neighborhood plans, overlay districts, and concurrency. It's more than enough to fill a day, and in fact is way too much for our staff right now.

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    Jul 2003
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    As you might expect, my county and your county are taking those first tentative steps together. Just like toddlers in a very rowdy daycare. Interesting times, indeed!

    As it goes for long range planning, I am pretty much it for the time being. I am the keeper of the documents and responsible for amending them (though thankfully someone else is in charge of the growth policy). I am the planner for the interim zoning proposal, as well as the county rep for the development standards group. I am the Census go-to-guy. They call me the Long Ranger!

    Right now it is about all I do all day. Recently I have been assigned subdivisions, but now that we are fully staffed again, I will probably go back to document amendments and planning area and neighborhood planning

    We have formed a long range planning committee to help us figure out how we are going to do all this. I think the residents of the county are finally ready for some long range planning.
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    Mar 2006
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    I left the county I use to work for because we were too understaffed to do any long-range planning. Everything was reactive, rather than proactive. Our land use plan was miserably outdated, and the zoning code was even worse.

    Now I work for a county where the seperate townships handle their own zoning, so basically all we do is long-range planning. But, there are so many state mandated plans that have to be done for us to get certain funding (Parks and Open Space Plan, Hazard Mitigation Plan, Farmland Preservation Plan, etc), we are always busy. Seems like by the time we finish a plan up, another one is about to expire. Plus, we are doing our comprehensive plan now, in house.

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    Oct 2000
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    Our office is Planning and Economic Development. While we aren't specifically entitled Long Range Planning, and we do plan review and staff the town's Industrial Development Agency - we're also get to do some fun long range stuff. I'm copy and pasting our department's annual goals that we have to set for each year's annual report:

    • Establish an Oversight Committee to help guide and monitor the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan. (Our first plan was recently adopted)

    • Coordinate pro-active economic development initiatives in concert with the Industrial Development Agency.

    • Continue efforts to streamline the site development and subdivision approval process.

    • Work with the Conservation Advisory Committee (CAC) and other Town departments to inventory open space and recreational assets for use in the development of a comprehensive open space and recreation management plan

    • Work with CAC and other Town departments to identify priority areas for open space conservation

    • Develop a program for enhancing the gateways and key corridors in the Town.

    • Continue to implement next phases of the Mohawk River Waterfront Revitalization plan (i.e., Access Plan, River Management Study) in concert with Mohawk River Community Partners.

    • Develop a sidewalk plan in coordination with the Department of Public Works.

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