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Thread: Italy: zoning and land use

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    Oct 2006
    San Diego, California

    Italy: zoning and land use

    I'm looking for information about how Italian (or other European) towns have managed to preserve agricultural land after the age of the automobile.

    How does land use and zoning differ from the U.S., where huge swaths of farmland have been lost to sprawl?

    Any links or resources would be appreciated.

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    Mar 2005
    London, UK
    Ok, this is a totally impressionistic view from someone with no legal background in this subject:
    - In Italy, municipalities are supposed (and may actually have) a Piano Regolatore (I needen't translate that, surely?).
    - Land is classified in several ways but unless it is 'edificabile' ("buildable upon") you can't build on it. I believe parcels are released for development on a gradual basis. This has of course given scope for fairly widespread corruption as well as a lot of unauthorized construction, especially in the more rules-resistant South.
    - Some of the more land-conservative / scenic / wealthy municipalities have now restricted construction more or less completely in large swathes of their jurisdiction, so that already established "footprints" (as in: the foundations of an existing, obsolete building) have become quite valuable. An acquaintance of mine just bought a largish one near Lake Maggiore which amounts to the only buildable, vacant plot of land on a fairly large (and very scenic) area. The existing, falling-down farm building has a ground footprint of 7500 sq. ft. (approx. 750 sq. M) and it is a two-story building,. That is all that can be built on that land.

    Sorry for the sketchy details.

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