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Thread: research help

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    research help

    I have done my masters in transport planning from India, i have gotta alot in my head that i feel the need to do something about, safety, pedestrian movement, effective landuse transport relation, behavioral models, safest designs.
    these are just few of the issues which i think needs serious and immediate attention.
    I want to do imperative research on pedestrain safety, and mixed land use transport models. I want to do it in the United Kingdom, may be because I consider UK as the most educated in this aspect.
    guys i want to do my phd and want some help, i dont hav the amount of money needed to study in the UK, so i am looking for funds.
    guys need some serious help, I need to find a prof as a guide, need money.
    coz i dont want to live with the regret that i never tried.
    help guys.

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    Also, Cyburbia prohibits solicitation of monetary support. A thread seeking advice on locating doctoral reseach grants related to planning would be acceptable; a thread overtly asking for monetary support from users is not.

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    (Dan) Cyberbegging is unacceptable behavior on any message board. Do it again, debajeetbaruah, and you'll be banned permanently.
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