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Thread: Educational Contract Buyout

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    Apr 2003
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    Educational Contract Buyout

    I know that some municipalities offer educational funding assistance for people to get higher degrees or special training, with a caveat that they work for that place for X number of months or years after they finish the class or degree, or pay back all or a percentage of the funding distributed.

    If someone left and was willing to pay back based on that specific contractual agreement, does that look bad if you move on to another planning job in another city? Possibly even a public to private change?

    Of course all of this is purely hypothetical... although I do hear that there has been an office pool on when I turn in a letter of resignation for the past 6 months.
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    I don't think it looks any worse if you weren't doing the education thing - I wouldn't worry about it. If you're doing a payback how could it look bad?

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    I've done this in another industry. No impact with any subsequent employers at all. However, don't count on ever going back to your current employer again. What? Never happen? Be sure before you jump. Not too much difference between broken and burned bridges.

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